New Featured Author

14 April 2018

      Thomas King
    Thomas King was born in Sacramento,
California in 1943, who self-identifies as Cherokee, German, and Greek descent. 
    As a child, King attended grammar school in Roseville, California, both private Catholic and public high schools.  After flunking out of Sacramento State University, he joined the U.S. Navy for a brief period of time before receiving a medical discharge, for a knee injury. Following this King worked several jobs, including as an ambulance driver, bank teller and photojournalist in New Zealand for three years.  
  King eventually completed bachelors and master’s degrees from Chico State University in California. He moved to Utah, where he worked as a counselor for aboriginal students before completing a Ph.D. program in English at the University of Utah. His 1971 PhD dissertation was on Native Studies, one of the earliest of works to explore the oral storytelling tradition as literature. Around this time, King became interested in aboriginal oral traditions and storytelling. After moving to Canada in 1980, King taught Native Studies at the University of Lethbridge (Alberta) in the early 1980s. He also served as a faculty member of the University of Guelph (Ontario) and lives in Guelph.
   King has been writing novels, children’s books, and collections of stories since the 1980s. His notable works include A Coyote Columbus Story (1992) and Green Grass, Running Water (1993) - both of which were nominated for a Governor General’s Award – and The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America (2012), which won the 2014 RBC Taylor Price.
   In the 1990s, he served as story editor for Four Directions, a CBC Television drama anthology series about First Nations which was held up by production and scheduling delays before finally airing in 1996. He also wrote the teleplay “Borders”, an adaptation of his own previously published short story, for the series.
   From 1997 to 2000, King wrote and acted in a CBC radio show, The Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour, which featured a fictitious town and a fictitious radio program hosted by three Native American characters.  Elements were adapted from his novel, Green Grass, Running Water. The broadcast was a political and social satire with dark humour and mocking stereotypes.
   In July 2007, King made his directorial debut with I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind, a short film which he wrote.

Story and Craft Time

14 April 2018

Story and Craft nights will be held Wednesdays in April and May 6:30 to 8:00pm  at the Wabasca Library.
Come on  in for some fun.

Thanks Cenovus Energy for New Look

06 September 2017

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday Cenovus Energy made a number of donations to local libraries.  Wabasca Public Library was a recipient of this largesse.  With the funds the library now has a new reception desk and chairs, new patron tables and chairs, and three new storage cabinets.  Many thanks to Cenovus for this generous donation.


Order Books

29 August 2015

We can order books for you from other libraries, or you can do it online.  For infomation or help talk to our librarian.

Public Computers

10 July 2015

The Wabasca Public Library offers you 5 Public computers for your use.

You can also copy, print or fax your documents for a minimal cost.